An appealing job ad, can optimize your recruitment

Finding the perfect candidate for your organization does not have to feel you won the lottery. As we pointed out in previous articles, recruitment requires strategy, planning, and commitment to succeed. (See our blog Recruitment Marketing)

Do you want to convince someone to work for your organization? Do you want to attract qualified candidates? The first step is to make your job ad informative and inclusive.

Sell your organization, set clear expectations, craft messages to strengthen the perception and culture of your company.

Build your employer brand, write the value proposition for your employees, and finally meet your ideal candidate. Think about what you can offer, why your company is the best place to work for them?

Put in place a recruitment marketing strategy that is how you can win half of the battle.


Many job ads read like old and boring job descriptions. It will usually list the job requirements, experience, and education the candidate needs to perform the job. Sound familiar? —zero personality or engaging content to attract their attention.

You should approach your job ad as you would any piece of marketing, be creative, engaging, personal, and focused on the needs and desires of your candidates.

Crafting a job ad requires a sales approach to attract and stand out from the crowd. That is the second half of the battle, and that is why you need the support of recruitment marketers by your side.

We sound like a broken record but, the first step to writing the job ad is to know your target candidate. It will help you write an ad where the candidate feels that your organization is aware of their needs, and you can provide them with the opportunities and the future they want.

The more you know about your ideal candidate, the better prepared you will be to write a recruitment ad that your candidate wants to read.

Technology rules our lives, including recruitment, so the second step is to keep in mind when writing your ad Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Look for keywords associated with the open position and include them in your ad.

You already know the saying the first impression counts, so you have the first two paragraphs to create a good impression and explain why your organization is the best place to work. Make a connection between the organization, the work, and the candidate.

Once you have left a great impression, it is time to work on the job opening. Choose 4-5 attributes that describe what the candidate will do and the impact their work will have on the organization, make them feel valuable, that they are going to be part of something important, create a connection.

We arrived at the job requirements section. Here you list the experience, education and required skills the candidate needs to perform the job. Keep this section short, concise. Only include what the candidate must have to be successful at that job.

Otherwise, it becomes tedious and sometimes confusing. Set clear expectations and focus only on the critical information to the position.

The last step in creating an effective recruitment ad is to explain what will happen after the candidate hits the Apply Now button. Clear communication, guidelines, and a proper follow-up, even if you did not elect the candidate.

There is a lot of emotional weight when you press the Apply Now button. Your candidates may not be the right fit for this job but, they could be perfect for another. Be gentle. A minute is enough to change how a candidate perceives your organization.

Job ads are often the first touchpoint a candidate has with you. Make it count.