Brand perception matters when looking for the best talent

Have you ever thought about whether your brand is attractive enough to attract and retain the best talent? How is your organization perceived as a workplace?

In recent years, talent acquisition experts have placed an increasing emphasis to brand perception as a valuable component when hiring and retaining staff, turning into a fundamental shift in the way organizations source and attract human talent.

The reason is simple, an organization with a solid brand perception has twice the chances of hiring a better staff than one that does not, therefore, the brand has a direct impact when it comes to designing a recruitment strategy.

As an organization, you need the best talent to drive your business forward, and the best way to find them is to prove that your company is a great place to work. Having a strong, differentiated, and prominent employer brand will help you attract and retain top-tier talent.

The employer brand sells a company to talent:

  • What is it like to work here?
  • What is the employee culture?
  • How are the benefits, perks and work-life balance?
  • How supportive is management?
  • What are the career paths and advancement opportunities?

Does your organization want to become “the employer of the choice”? Recruitment experts can help you build a brand strategy that will allow the company to increase the number of quality applicants, reduce hiring costs, and differentiate itself from competitors by positioning the company as a top place to work.

Brand Power

The employer brand is the corporate identity related to the employee experience, how employees and potential candidates view the organization as an employer.

It is about how the organization wants to be perceived in the job market, using specific messages to help attract the kind of prospects they are looking for, it’s about getting the message right of what the brand stands for and the benefits the brand promises to deliver.

A big reason employer branding is so important is because it is the business identity, it is what makes the company a good employer and stands out among the candidates looking for work.

Employer branding is not something you own. Reputation as an employer exists in the minds of candidates and employees and is shaped by their thoughts and impressions, which is important enough for organizations to build and design a brand strategy.  Otherwise, without proper management, each of the touchpoints with employees and potential candidates can become a threat, costing talent losses.

Many factors contribute to a company’s reputation these days: best practices in hiring processes, robust training programs, a focus on professional development initiatives, and maintaining a productive and consistent business culture.

Before you start overhauling your employer brand strategy, you should first review current tactics to understand what is working and where you should direct your efforts.

Your employer branding strategy needs to highlight your strengths and your employee value proposition transparently and consistently to both your existing team and those you intend to recruit Your employer branding strategy needs to highlight your strengths and your employee value proposition transparently and consistently to both your existing team and those you intend to recruit to achieve three silent goals:

  • Positively distinguish your offering from your competitors
  • Demonstrate why someone would want to work in your organization
  • Illustrate how the brand is developing and strengthening over time

Putting in place an employer brand strategy allows the organization to control and change the dialogue surrounding the company to ensure higher talent acquisition and retention and bring several benefits, including:

  • Improve employer attractiveness to a talented individual interested in working in your industry
  • Greater motivation among existing employees by feeling more connected and in -sync with brand values
  • Tangible drops in the costs associated with hiring new talent and retaining them long-term
  • A workforce that actively advocates and promotes your brand, extending your reach to other candidates and customers
  • A clear, unified vision for your organization to move towards, with all people associated with your company pushing in that direction.

Once you have a strong understanding of what the employer brand is, the next step is to create an action plan to build out the brand and maintain a reputation with job seekers and stakeholders.

Likewise, in the same way, the marketing efforts are geared to set the products and services apart from the crowd, the employer brand strategy needs to work just as hard to keep the brand in the minds of candidates and improve the sense of belonging of its employees.

Today it is essential that you can stand out from the crowd in attracting the talent that is out there, as well as keeping hold of the people you already have.

The importance of employer branding can never be underestimated in how it drives the future of the organization, establishing a motivated, committed, and inspired workforce. It drives productivity, profitability and it is an asset that requires constant cultivation.

Concluding, an authentic and engaged workplace has better hiring metrics, an increase in talent retention, and an improved employee experience. A win-win scenario for your organization and having the proper recruitment experts by your side can be the difference between success and failure.