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Seven Hills Foundation


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About Seven Hills Foundation


67 Years of Defining Dignity

For more than 67 years, Seven Hills and its diverse and exceptional staff have been caring for people of all ages with disabilities and life challenges in areas that include education, behavioral health, skilled nursing, and community supports.

Seven Hills supports every person with the mission to see the posibilities, believe in their abilities, and achieve their dreams. We encourage our staff to do the same.

Join us—and reach for the stars at Seven Hills!

  • Airfare expenses covered
  • Relocation assistance (stipend)
  • Subsidized housing
  • Transportation to and from work
  • Comprehensive training
  • Full program integration
  • Community connections

Generous Benefits


  • New Student Loan Repayment Benefit Help pay down your student debt
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Health Insurance 30-day waiting period for new-hire enrollment.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Insurance 30-day waiting period for new-hire enrollment.
  • Accrued Time Benefits 3 weeks vacation for full-time employees to start.
  • Sick Time All employees earn 1 hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked.
  • 11 Paid Holidays Per calendar year. Time-and-a-half pay for essential workers.
  • Personal Days Up to 3 personal days a year for full time employees.
  • Vacation Cash-Out Eligibility to cash out portion of accrued vacation time.
  • Tuition Reimbursement/Remission Eligibility after introductory period.
  • Various Types of Leave School Involvement Leave, Family Medical Leave Act, bereavement, military & personal leave.
  • Flexible Spending Account FSAs allow you to set aside pre-tax money to cover medical expenses & Dependent Care.
  • Life Insurance/Long Term Disability (LTD) Life insurance: 1 times annual base salary LTD: 60% of normal weekly earnings while disabled, after 90-day elimination period.
  • 403 (b) Retirement Plan Contribution match upon completion of 1 year.
  • rapid! PayCard® Prepaid visa debit card for direct deposit; funds are immediately available on pay day.
  • Morgage Program Reduced down payment on mortgages (3-5%)


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Job Description

Direct Support Staff

Residential Direct Support Staff and Residence Directors are part of a professional team responsible for assisting each individual to live a safe, enjoyable life in their community with opportunities to learn and to exercise increasing independence and control over their lives.

The people we support participate in hiring, training and evaluation of employees who work with them. The agency and its employees are responsible to the people we support. This direct support position is responsible for the provision of day-to-day services to program participants.

Key responsibilities: 

To treat all individuals with dignity and respect.

To support individuals to take control of their lives, to make wise decisions that enhance their ability to reach their goals. To support individuals to take on as much control as possible over the routines and activities in their home.

To support people to always look their best.

To follow all routines of the individuals and home including, but not limited to; Behavior Support Plans, personal care, Physical Therapy, etc.

To teach, assist and support individuals in the community and at home so that the individual is able to learn, practice and master skills that enable 
him/her to enhance his/her status by assuming socially valued roles.

To support each individual’s existing relationships and increase their networks of friends and acquaintances.

To insure that all individuals are supported to explore and express their interest for community membership.

To ensure that the health and well-being of individuals are met by accompanying individuals on appointments as needed, administering medications (or supporting them to self medicate) in accordance with residential guidelines and DDS policy, providing a well-balanced diet prepared to meet individual needs (when applicable), following all instructions given by Primary Care Physician and Health Care Coordinator.

To complete agency training program in a timely manner and participate in other professional development as required by supervisor (within 6 months of employment.)

To implement ISP/Support Plans and strategies as written and at frequency stated in the plan. Demonstrate accurate data collection procedures and consistent use of described support strategies that promote success.

Maintain all required certifications such as medication administration, First Aid & CPR. (must have MAP certification within 1st 6 months of employment)

To participate in individual advocacy system Fulltime/part-time employees: applicable.

To take a leadership role in advocacy with and on behalf of the individuals.

To take a leadership role in supporting the accomplishment of the individual’s goals.

To monitor and maintain individual’s ISP program book to ensure data collection occurs at frequency stated.

To review data collection monthly and prepare written progress notes quarterly or at frequency stated in ISP to assist in the development of ISP assessments and attend ISP meeting.

To train staff in the implementation of intervention strategies and correct data collection procedures.

To assist in personal needs and clothing purchases; plan with Residence Director budgeting needs of individual; manage individual’s funds within budget; provide receipts and maintain all individual expenses in accordance with subsidiary guidelines.

To maintain neatness and cleanliness of individual’s bedrooms.

To maintain regular contact and positive relationship with individual’s family members/guardians which includes providing status updates, scheduling visits, and acting as a positive liaison between family/guardian and the residential program.

To maintain regular contact and positive relationship with work program staff. 

To assist the individuals with household shopping and maintenance as necessary, providing ongoing opportunity for individuals to assume increasing control, responsibility.

To participate in supervision meetings with the Residence Director



  • Commitment to assisting people with developmental disabilities to participate fully in the life of their community.
  • Good driving record.
  • Varied interests and personal connections in the local community.
  • Proven record of conscientious, responsible behavior (work, volunteer or school history).
  • Ability to work as part of a team. Positive, constructive.
  • High school diploma or equivalent.

Employee Testimonials

“I love how rewarding it is to work at New Hope. The clients are so appreciative of everything staff does for them, it makes every day that much more rewarding and it makes coming to work easy! The best part of my job is seeing the smiles on the individuals’ faces – It truly makes you want to help them succeed day after day.”

Jenny Rath

“When I first began my employment with New Hope, I have to admit I was worried if it would be a good fit for me. I was nervous and scared walking in on that first day! However, I quickly developed relationships with clients and co-workers to the point where they became my second family. Even on a bad day – walking in that front door to the clients smiling faces changes my whole mood. It is beyond rewarding to see an individual learn how to do a new task to help them in their everyday life. New Hope has taught me to stop, listen and enjoy the little things in life!”

Brandy Wuebker